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CHRISISM #71 - Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

31 July 2018

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset


What percentage of people do you think have insured their house, their car and their possessions but not their income? I reckon it would be a fairly high percentage.


I’m going to take you back to when I first started in the life broking business and was surrounded and mentored by some of the finest salespeople I have ever come across. The following was one of the most effective sales pitches for getting Income Protection over the line – and yet it is so simple! Isn’t it so often the case?

Grab a blank piece of paper and write the following list of items on the piece of paper:-

 3) CAR  

Now hand a pen to your client and say:- “What I want you to do on the left hand side of these four items is to place them in order of importance in your life right now – number 1 being the most important and number 4 being the least important”.

Firstly, it is amazing how many people don’t put Income as the most important! If they don’t, then you don’t say “Wrong – try again” – that’s called confrontation! You say:- “That’s interesting – tell me, which is the only item on that list without which you couldn’t have any of the other items? “ and clearly the answer is Income.

So once we’ve sorted that out, now give the pen back to your client and say:- “What I want you to do now is to tick those items on the list that you currently have insured. Assuming that you have now got your client to demonstrate to you and themselves that the only item on the list which is not insured is the most important item, the rest should be plain sailing!

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