Giving you the right track to run on

A fortnightly pearl of wisdom to fast track your success

  • CHRISISM #52 - The Importance of a Daily Target

    Do you finish every single working day knowing whether you have succeeded or failed? If not, then maybe you need to break down your primary personal financial goal into bite size portions.

  • CHRISISM #51 - Are You an Idealist or a Realist?

    I think a lot of us joined the world of financial services with a pretty idealistic frame of mind, but I believe it is just a matter of time before we learn to adopt a more realistic approach.

  • CHRISISM #50 - Income Protection or Income Replacement?

    As advisers, we are often guilty of describing the concept of securing a client’s income as “income protection”. If you use this terminology in this way with your clients, then I believe you should consider a change in terminology.

  • CHRISISM #49 - Financial Planning: Rocket Science or Common Sense?

    Are you on a mission to keep things a simple as possible for your clients or are you on a mission to make things as complicated as you can to justify the certificates on your wall? I strongly recommend the former!

  • CHRISISM #48 - Physical Positioning of You and Your Client

    Have you given much thought to how you set up a client meeting from a physical positioning perspective? If not, you may want to give some consideration to this issue once you have read this article.

  • CHRISISM #47 - Seeking Client Feedback

    Do you make sure you seek a client’s feedback when they come on board as a client for the first time? If you haven’t already got referrals at the point of sale, then I believe the policy explanation meeting (see Chrisism#40) gives you a fantastic opportunity to do so.

  • CHRISISM #46 - The Miracle Benefit

    A month ago in Chrisism #44 we looked at “The Miracle Product” – now we need to appreciate “The Miracle Benefit” within “The Miracle Product”! Let me introduce “The Miracle Benefit” by suggesting that you avoid recommending stand alone Trauma Cover to clients who are under 50 years of age. If you want to understand why – then read on!

  • CHRISISM #45 - Communicating Your Value

    The current changes to risk adviser remuneration models remind me somewhat of the introduction of commission disclosure back in the 90s, which meant that for the first time risk advisers had to disclose the amount of commission they were being paid for the cover they were recommending. An awful lot of seasoned advisers threw their hands in the air and exclaimed: “I don’t want to tell my clients how much I earn!”, and I would say “Don’t, then”, and they would say “But I have to now by law”, and I would say “No you don’t have to tell your clients how much you earn – tell them how little you earn!” If you think you’re being overpaid for the value that you represent to your clients, then you should probably get out of the business.

  • CHRISISM #44 - The Miracle Product

    According to the Collins English Dictionary, if you say that something is a miracle, you mean that it is “very surprising and unexpected”. I believe that Trauma Cover puts a bigger tick in these two boxes than any of the other personal protection products we have to offer our clients.

  • CHRISISM #43 - Trimming the Platinum Package

    As those of you who have been to my Risk Workshop will know, the types and levels of cover that I would be recommending to my client up front are called "The Platinum Package", and typically this would not be affordable for the majority of clients. The process of trimming the platinum package to accommodate the client’s budget will therefore usually be one of the 12 steps of my initial advice process.