Giving you the right track to run on

A fortnightly pearl of wisdom to fast track your success

  • CHRISISM #39 - Client Meetings One Hour Max

    What would be the average duration of your initial client meeting? If the answer is typically much more than one hour, then there are some home truths you need to be aware of..

  • CHRISISM #38 - Risk Adviser v Investment Adviser

    Unlike a lot of views I have read recently, I believe the opportunity for a specialist risk adviser (especially a younger one) has never been better than it is right now and will continue to be moving forward.

  • CHRISISM #37 - Who's Doing Who The Favour?

    How often do financial advisers (especially newer ones) think that someone is doing them a favour by becoming a client? It is this very mindset that puts advisers on the back foot from the very start of a client engagement process.

  • CHRISISM #36 - Prepositioning Referrals

    The large majority of advisers would substantially improve the number of referrals they get from new clients if they simply disciplined themselves to ask every new client for referrals at the conclusion of initial business. However, I believe we can improve our results in this area even more by putting just a couple of building blocks in place during the initial advice process.

  • CHRISISM #35 - The Tunnel Analogy

    An analogy that was introduced to me a long time ago which I found quite useful at times was that the sales process is like standing at the beginning of a long tunnel with your prospect and, when you look down the tunnel, you can see a tiny circle of light at the end and all along the way there are doors on either side all of which are open.

  • CHRISISM #34 - Helping Prospects Become Clients

    Have you ever had a really good prospect (or just a prospect for that matter!) who you know could and should have become your client, but for some reason remained a prospect for someone else? If so, did you ask yourself what were the things that you didn’t do to help that prospect come on board as your client?

  • CHRISISM #33 - Stepped vs Level Premium Trauma Cover

    Are you still recommending stepped premium Trauma Cover to your clients? I was too – until my lightbulb moment in 2007. To find out what my lightbulb moment was, read on..

  • CHRISISM #32 - Prospecting For Gold

    What constitutes gold in your business? Would it by any chance be quality clients? If so, are you prospecting for gold in the most efficient manner? To find out, read on.

  • CHRISISM #31 - Intergenerational Advice

    Have you ever heard an adviser say something along the lines of "Well, insurance is not really relevant for most of my clients, because most of them are pre or post retirees". If you have - or if you've even said something similar yourself, then read on...

  • CHRISISM #30 - The Platinum Package

    Have you kicked a “needs analysis” into touch and replaced it with a “wants analysis” yet? If so, then it’s time to embrace the concept of “The Platinum Package”