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  • CHRISISM #68 - Boxes To Tick Right Up Front

    In Chrisism#67 entitled “Setting Out Your Stall”, I identified four boxes that I believe we have to tick right up front with our prospective clients, thereby achieving four identifiable outcomes that are crucial in putting our client at ease from the word go.

  • CHRISISM #67 - Setting Out Your Stall

    What does the introduction to your first client meeting look like? I know I certainly tried a lot of different techniques for this introduction when I first joined the business, and I know that to some extent it’s probably horses for courses, but for a long time now there has been no doubt in my mind which introduction strategy worked better for me – and indeed for my clients.

  • CHRISISM #66 - MS - Increase Awareness

    Do you know or know of anyone who is suffering from multiple sclerosis? Whenever I ask this question of any group of people to whom I am presenting (be it small or large), at least one third of the people in the group raise their hands – and often considerably more than one third. Multiple sclerosis is a lot more prevalent than most people think, and we need to increase our clients’ awareness of this – especially those clients between 25 and 35 years of age.

  • CHRISISM #65 - The Price of Survival

    Have you ever had a client tell you that Trauma Cover is very expensive? If so, how have you responded? My response was always:- "Compared to what?"

  • CHRISISM #64 - Trauma Cover - The Need for Sustainability

    Are you still trying to get Trauma Cover over the line with the cheaper option of stepped premiums for your clients?

  • CHRISISM #63 - Disturb / Reassure

    This is an age-old sales technique that works by pressing your client’s emotional hot buttons and it is especially effective in the risk advice client engagement process.

  • CHRISISM #62 - Terminology Time Again - "Disability"

    When engaging with a client in the risk advice space, how often do you think you use terminology that creates a negative perception? I'll wager it's more often than you think.

  • CHRISISM #61 - Don't Get Sucked Down the Blame Drain

    When something doesn't go according to plan or even worse goes pear shaped, how many of us immediately look for someone or something else to blame other than ourselves?

  • CHRISISM #60 - Clients’ Thought Bubbles

    How structured is your first client meeting? Do you have clearly identifiable stages to the first client meeting with specific objectives that you are seeking to achieve at the end of each stage?

  • CHRISISM #59 - Be Reliable

    How reliable are you?