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A fortnightly pearl of wisdom to fast track your success

  • CHRISISM #76 - Protection NOT Insurance

    Have you ever been engaging with a potential new client and imparting what you believe are really valuable and important messages, but for some reason you don’t seem to be getting through to them and business isn’t eventuating when you feel it could and should have?

  • CHRISISM #75 - Getting a Commitment to Action

    How often have you done a great job with a prospective client at a first meeting, everything has gone swimmingly and you’re confident that he/she will come on board as a client next time, but business doesn’t eventuate when it really could and should?

  • CHRISISM #74 - Smile Down The Phone

    How often do you fail to get the result you are seeking when making a phone call and, if it’s more than just occasionally, have you asked yourself what the most common reason for this may be?

  • CHRISISM #73 - Having a Structured Process

    When you go into a meeting with a client, how confident are you that you know how the meeting is going to pan out? One thing’s for sure, and that is if you have a structured process for the meeting in question, then there will be a far higher degree of predictability with regard to the outcome of that meeting.

  • CHRISISM #72 - The Importance of Perception

    It is hard to over emphasise the importance of the role that perception plays in the client engagement process. As I pointed out in Chrisism#8, we need to be very aware of the negative perception that the terminology we use with our clients can create – thereby giving them the justification to put up the shutters and say “No!”.

  • CHRISISM #71 - Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

    What percentage of people do you think have insured their house, their car and their possessions but not their income? I reckon it would be a fairly high percentage.

  • CHRISISM #70 - Child Trauma Cover - An Absolute Must (Part II)

    In Chrisism#41, I outlined how important it is that every single eligible child is added to one of their parent’s adult policies as a life insured for Child Trauma Cover, and I pointed out that typically the most valuable benefit of such cover is that the payment of a lump sum enables the breadwinner to take time off work to spend with the child. In this Chrisism, however, I want to point out another perhaps more obvious potential benefit of Child Trauma Cover using a real life example.

  • CHRISISM #69 - Separating Yourself From The Pack

    What is the perception of the financial services industry that is currently being created by the media? I would suggest it’s something like:- “Everyone in financial planning is a shark who doesn’t give a damn about their clients and are only in it for their own benefit”.

  • CHRISISM #68 - Boxes To Tick Right Up Front

    In Chrisism#67 entitled “Setting Out Your Stall”, I identified four boxes that I believe we have to tick right up front with our prospective clients, thereby achieving four identifiable outcomes that are crucial in putting our client at ease from the word go.

  • CHRISISM #67 - Setting Out Your Stall

    What does the introduction to your first client meeting look like? I know I certainly tried a lot of different techniques for this introduction when I first joined the business, and I know that to some extent it’s probably horses for courses, but for a long time now there has been no doubt in my mind which introduction strategy worked better for me – and indeed for my clients.