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“ I have been involved in the Life Insurance business since 1983 and, as you would imagine, I have attended various workshops and seminars on a regular basis, but it has been a long time since I have benefited from so much knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm compressed into a one day workshop. The concepts and ideas that you shared are equally relevant in simple “Mum and Dad” situations as well as the most complex cases in Business Insurance that we encounter in our profession. I recommend that any adviser, whether established or new to our industry, attend any future workshops that you run. In addition, I believe that all Life Offices should assist you in “spreading the message” for the benefit of all.”
Alex Braun ,
Qualifying Life Member Million Dollar Round Table – Halstead Financial Services Pty Ltd

“ I have participated in Chris’ workshops a number of times and I never fail to learn something new. Chris is a passionate presenter and provides you with practical tools and tips that you can apply in your business. My skills and knowledge have improved as a result of attending the workshops and this has been great for my clients, staff and business.”
Anne Graham,
CFP ® CPA – Money Management Financial Planner of the Year 2009

“ Chris, thanks for your workshop. You gave me a different perspective to use when meeting with clients, understanding their insurance needs and preparing their advice. It’s now easier for me to articulate and demonstrate the need for cover to my clients and for them to appreciate appropriate levels of cover to protect their income, families and lifestyles. I enjoyed your presentation style and found you informative and engaging throughout the day and highly recommend anyone wishing to increase their knowledge and productivity in the insurance profession to spend some time with you.”
Esther Althaus,
FChFP, Financial Adviser Perspective Financial Services & AFA Rising Star Award Winner 2005

“ Chris Unwin has been involved in our Risk Specialist Network as both a consultant helping improve our insurance advice process and as a speaker at a number of our events. Chris is a great presenter who has a valuable client conversation to share. I would endorse Chris as a sales trainer for any adviser who is starting in insurance advice or indeed experienced advisers who are seeking to improve their questioning skills.”
Fiona Navarro,
National Manager Protection Advice MLC Risk Specialist Network & The Risk Store Life Risk Champion of the Year Award Winner 2010

“Chris has been a real inspiration to me through proving that getting the right risk protection outcomes for my clients can be easy. His no-nonsense process has changed the way I do business and has significantly increased the sums assured my clients are buying. My clients no longer need insurance but want it because of the questions I now ask. Chris is personable and engaging as a trainer and has always been generous with his processes and client facing material, for which I am indebted to him.”
Sean Atkins,
CFP, Clarity Financial Planning Pty Ltd