Giving you the right track to run on

Online Workshops

My Video Training Programmes allow you to access the knowledge I share in my face to face one-day workshops online, in your own time and at your own pace.
There are four training programmes to choose from, offering 5 to 6 hours of valuable content segmented into bite size sessions. This allows you to absorb the content at your own pace over a three month period. 

What are the Programmes?

Risk Advice Specific:
  1. The Risk Workshop – 11 sessions (totalling 338 minutes)
  2. Creating, Communicating and Differentiating your Value Proposition in the Risk Advice Space (12 sessions totalling 287 minutes)

    Generic Soft Skills:
  3. Client Acquisition and Engagement Skills (8 sessions totalling 316 minutes)
  4. Sales Skills for Financial Planners (5 sessions totalling 180 minutes)

How do you benefit?

  1. Unlimited access 5 to 6 hours of valuable online content over a 3-month period
  2. Bite size sessions allow you to absorb the knowledge at your own pace
  3. Watch the videos at a time that suits you
  4. Flexible payment options
  5. Choose to invest in all 4 programmes or just the ones in which you need to strengthen your skills
  6. Most importantly, a return on your investment:-
    Just one extra average sale as a result of any of these video training programmes will give you approximately a 400% return on your investment.
Please feel free to call me on 0417 281 034 if you have any questions.

The Risk Workshop

Programme Type: Risk Advice Specific

The Risk Workshop will give you a track to run on for every step in the initial risk advice process. From shaking the hand of a new prospect at the beginning of a first meeting all the way through to shaking the hand of a new client at the end of the policy explanation meeting, you will have all the client engagement tools you need to create a quality experience for your client rather than just completing a transaction.

It will also give you a couple of case studies that demonstrate the practical application of my methodology in real life client situations.

Creating, Communicating & Differentiating Your Value Proposition in the Risk Advice Space

Programme Type: Risk Advice Specific

This workshop will show you 12 different ways in which you can add real value to your risk advice process and it will also identify the beneficial client and adviser outcomes that these steps will produce.

Given how important creating and communicating value has become in the current climate, this workshop will also help you communicate your value proposition more effectively as well as outlining that will separate you from the pack as a quality risk adviser.

Client Acquisition & Engagement Skills

Programme Type: Generic Soft Skills

This workshop will provide a bucketful of simple, practical and usable client engagement tools designed to make business a natural consequence of your process and referrals a natural consequence of business.

The client engagement skills content will ensure results at each stage of the process, thereby maximising the conversion rates of invitations extended to appointments made, first appointments seen to second appointments made and second appointments seen to long term clients obtained.
The client acquisition skills content will outline a simple 3 step system that will make referrals a natural consequence of business.

Sales Skills for Financial Planners

Programme Type: Generic Soft Skills

This workshop will help you appreciate the importance of purpose on a daily basis and the effect that your mindset will have on your business outcomes. It will also provide you with an effective and client friendly structure for a client meeting as well as a number of steps that will make sure that business that is there for the taking first doesn’t slip through the cracks.

It will also address the psychology of objections and how to overcome client resistance and it will suggest some rules of client engagement for incorporating estate planning into your client offering.