Giving you the right track to run on

A fortnightly pearl of wisdom to fast track your success

  • Chrisism #101 - Implementation Is The Key

    At the end of a first client meeting it is essential that we get a commitment to action to ensure we are not wasting our time in putting together our recommendations (see Chrisism#75).

  • Chrisism #100 - Be Aware of Body Language

    There have been numerous books written on the subject of body language and this Chrisism is certainly not designed to cover the full gamut of this particular science. What I want to focus on today are what I believe to be the most important aspects of body language in the crucial initial stages of a first client meeting.

  • Chrisism #99 - Ongoing Client Engagement

    Why is it that advisers are typically prepared to bend over backwards to accommodate a prospect on their way to hopefully becoming a client even though at this stage they have a dollar value of zero, and yet as soon as they become a client and therefore represent a huge dollar value (now and in the future), the adviser drops them like a hot potato and moves on to the next prospect who is worth nothing to them?!

  • Chrisism #98 - Closing Techniques (Part Two)

    In my last ‘Chrisism’, I outlined some basic principles that apply when overcoming resistance on the part of prospects/clients and covered off in detail on two of the most commonly used closing techniques, namely the Alternative Close and the Triplicate Close. As promised, in this ‘Chrisism’ I will be sharing with you some more closing techniques which will hopefully help to minimise the amount of times that you let business slip through the cracks that is there for the taking.

  • Chrisism #97 - Closing Techniques (Part One)

    In previous 'Chrisisms' we have identified that it is human nature to resist commitment, especially commitment of time or money, which is a bit inconvenient for us, isn't it? Because when we are looking to make an appointment, we are looking for a commitment of someone's time and when we are looking to do business, we are looking for a commitment of someone's money - so we shouldn’t be surprised if we meet with some resistance. Indeed we should be concerned if we don't!

  • Chrisism #96 - Repetition is the Best Form of Learning

    Although this is an expression that can be and is used in a whole variety of situations, for the purposes of this Chrisism, I am specifically referring to the importance of this concept when it comes from going from the “Wants Analysis” on the Fact Find through to the recommendations for the client’s personal protection package.

  • Chrisism #95 - Girl Friday Cover

    This Chrisism will outline suggested content for a prospecting letter that can be sent to all of your “professional” clients, the purpose of which is to set up an Income Protection policy for the professional’s ‘Girl Friday’.

  • Chrisism #94 - Mirroring Your Income

    In Chrisism#93 I shared with you my methodology for recommending an appropriate level of Death Cover for a non-working Mum/Dad & Homekeeper. In this Chrisism, I want to share with you my methodology for recommending an appropriate level of Death Cover for a breadwinning spouse.

  • Chrisism #93 - Mum/Homekeeper Cover

    When sitting in front of a breadwinner with a definable earned income, it is not hard to put a dollar figure on the value that person represents to the family unit, thereby enabling a calculation of the level of cover that might be required in the event of that person no longer being around.

  • Chrisism #92 - Working More Effectively with Accountants in the Risk Area

    Why do accountants make potentially good referrers of risk business? Firstly, because their clients are typically highly qualified referrals, since the accountants themselves tend to be highly regarded and well respected by their clients. Secondly, because there is a logical overlap of advice, since both the accountant and the risk adviser are seeking to maximise net income for their clients in as many situations as possible.