Giving you the right track to run on

A fortnightly pearl of wisdom to fast track your success

  • CHRISISM #82 - Establishing A Budget

    When I first started in the business (just over 40 years ago!), I was told by my manager that, whenever I sat in front of a potential client for the first time, I had to make sure I did a detailed budget on that person i.e. found out exactly on what their current income was being spent.

  • CHRISISM #81 - P Plater Protection (Revisited)

    Almost exactly 3 years ago in Chrisism#5 I introduced you to the concept of P Plater Protection. I believe this concept is particularly relevant (and therefore extremely marketable) at this particular time of year, namely over the Christmas holidays.

  • CHRISISM #80 - Fancy Some Free Life Insurance?

    Do you ever recommend stand alone Trauma Cover to clients under the age of 50? If so, you may want to rethink – especially given your “Best Interest of Client” duty.

  • CHRISISM #79 - Post Mortem of the Lost Sale

    In the event of you failing to do business with a potential new client, how analytical are you with regard to identifying the reasons why that business did not eventuate? Or do you just shrug your shoulders and move on to the next prospect?

  • CHRISISM #78 - Three Simple Steps

    Are you on a mission to keep things as simple as possible for your clients – or are you inclined to make things as complicated as possible in order to justify the certificates on your wall?

  • CHRISISM #77 - Grudge Purchase vs Fantastic Opportunity

    How often have you experienced the onerous burden of the negative perception of this thing called ‘insurance’? So how would you like to be able to create a paradigm shift in the way your clients view their personal protection package, so that instead of viewing it as a grudge purchase they came to view it as a fantastic opportunity? Well, in order to do this, I will first of all have to create a paradigm shift in the way you view your clients’ personal protection package.

  • CHRISISM #76 - Protection NOT Insurance

    Have you ever been engaging with a potential new client and imparting what you believe are really valuable and important messages, but for some reason you don’t seem to be getting through to them and business isn’t eventuating when you feel it could and should have?

  • CHRISISM #75 - Getting a Commitment to Action

    How often have you done a great job with a prospective client at a first meeting, everything has gone swimmingly and you’re confident that he/she will come on board as a client next time, but business doesn’t eventuate when it really could and should?

  • CHRISISM #74 - Smile Down The Phone

    How often do you fail to get the result you are seeking when making a phone call and, if it’s more than just occasionally, have you asked yourself what the most common reason for this may be?

  • CHRISISM #73 - Having a Structured Process

    When you go into a meeting with a client, how confident are you that you know how the meeting is going to pan out? One thing’s for sure, and that is if you have a structured process for the meeting in question, then there will be a far higher degree of predictability with regard to the outcome of that meeting.