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The Risk Workshop

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The Risk Workshop will give you a track to run on for every step in the initial risk advice process. From shaking the hand of a new prospect at the beginning of a first meeting all the way through to shaking the hand of a new client at the end of the policy explanation meeting, you will have all the client engagement tools you need to create a quality experience for your client rather than just completing a transaction.

It will also give you a couple of case studies that demonstrate the practical application of my methodology in real life client situations.

Course Outline:

Content includes:

1) The Importance of Terminology & An Outline of the 12 Step Process(32 mins)
2) Overcoming the Price Barrier & The Revenue Opportunity in Risk Advice(28 mins)
3) Positioning Protection N.B. For Wealth Creator Clients(20 mins)
4) The Questions on the Fact Find(51 mins)
5) The Circle of Safety - K.I.S.S(29mins)
6) Determining Levels of Cover & Stepped vs Level Premiums (39 mins)
7) Research Analysis & Preparing Recommendations
8) Presenting Recommendations, Trimming the Platinum Package & Completing the Application(24 mins)
9) Facilitating the Completion of Business, the Policy Explanation Meeting & Regular REviews(32 mins)
10) Case Study No.1(26 mins)
11) Case Study No.2(21 mins)

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