Giving you the right track to run on

August 2018 The Risk Workshops

"Best Interest of Client" in the Risk Advice Space

The Risk Workshop will address the major issues in the risk advice space in the current climate, putting the best interest of the client at the forefront of advice.
It will identify the potential problems you face and provide a methodology for implementing the solutions to those problems. It will also help you to embrace and implement the client engagement tools that empower you to turn what historically has been a grudge purchase into a fantastic opportunity for your clients.

In the Risk Workshop you will:

  • Get a structured track to run on for every step of the client engagement process
  • Obtain a host of simple, practical and usable engagement tools that will add real value to your risk advice process
  • Become empowered to create a paradigm shift in the way your clients view proper personal protection
  • Learn how to effectively walk the tightrope between client friendly and compliant
  • Understand the key difference between creating a quality experience for your clients and just completing a transaction
  • Become enabled at lowering the bar substantially when overcoming the price barrier
  • Embrace new terminology that no longer creates a negative perception on the part of your clients
  • Acquire new techniques for building more meaningful and lasting client relationships

Whether for the first time, because you need a refresher,  or to give yourself a shot in the arm, invest in yourself today to earn CPD points and secure a prosperous future in the world of personal protection.

I look forward to adding substantial value to you and your business.

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