Giving you the right track to run on

July 2017 Risk Workshop

The Risk Workshop

When you register for my Risk Workshop this year you will immediately be sent a free copy of my book “The Risk Workshop”. Reading the book before the live workshop will mean you will get a lot more out of the workshop. The workshop itself will give you a track to run on for every step of the initial client engagement process (see below) and it will leave no stone unturned.



1.         Risk Management – Overall Fit

2.         Fact Find Questions Re: Protection Objectives

3.         Circle of Safety

4.         Determining Levels of Cover

5.         Research Analysis

6.         Preparing Recommendations

7.         Presentation of Circle of Safety Recommendations

8.         Finalising Details of Risk Package

9.         Complete Paperwork

10.       Completion of Business

11.       Policy Explanation Meeting

12.       Regular Reviews


So whether you are an old hand in the risk advice space and want to plug some gaps or strengthen some weak links in your client engagement process or a brand new "kid on the block" who wants to embrace a client friendly engagement process from start to finish, REGISTER FOR THE RISK WORKSHOP NOW and get your free copy of the book and look forward to coming to the movie.

Register for your City using the links below.
Cost: $450 + GST per person
Earlybird: $400 + GST per person
Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm

Sydney - Tuesday, 18 July

Melbourne - Friday, 21 July

Adelaide - Wednesday, 26 July

Perth - Thursday, 27 July

Brisbane -  Wednesday, 2 August